Hello naval world! This site is devoted to naval history, 1906-1945 mainly, with a special attention to the never weres, the warships that were designed, or even launched, but did not enter service.

Specific sections are dedicated to the naval museums all around the world, to naval articles, and warships modelling. Use the “Categories” menu or the search box on the right (or below, depending on device you are using) to quickly find what you are interested in (search tip: use simple words, e.g. Nelson and not HMS Nelson model 1/48 scale).

A special content is the book in three languages devoted to the life of Italian Prisoners in German’s lagers printed just after the war.

All the pictures, if not otherwise stated, are © 1995-2017 Stefano Sappino and cannot be used without permission; please drop me a line if you find copyrighted material you believe should be removed. Here you can find some info about me.

Contributions are welcomed in comments, or as articles if you prefer; please stay on topic, be historically accurate, and avoid war time propaganda, we are far enough!

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I didn’t know about this blog. It was like finding a treasure of information. I dont even know were should I begun reading!

    I’m from Argentina, If you need help with any information abouth the naval forces of my country I will be glad to help

  2. Stefano, do you have any articles about Admiral Vincenzo deFeo? Including his ideas for the all mid section turret arrangements for capital ships?

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