RN Ancona as AA cruiser

RN Ancona as AA cruiserThe old light cruiser (former SMS Graudenz) was in reserve in Taranto since 1932. In spring 1936, after an in depth inspection to the hull and the engines, a technical commission gave its approval to her transformation into a ship whose purpose is “the AA defence of emergency naval bases”.

Project details:

Mine-laying capacity for 100 “Bollo” type mines;

13 double 100/47 AA OTO 1928;

2 double 13,2 mm.

3 stabilized fire director stations, plus a fourth reserve one; one 5 meters range finder;

a single funnel for the remaining 6 oil boilers, 21k speed.

extended habitability and command facilities, and new plants to deal with hot climate, given the possibility to be displaced to Tobruk, Lero or Massaua.

Cost: 17.469.300 Lire.

The cost was the factor that at the end cancelled the project, as a limit was placed to 10.000.000 Lire (the cost at the era for a brand new “Oriani” Class CT).

Interestingly enough, during the discussion a new proposal emerged, an entirely different rebuild characterized by a complete substitution of the engines, a 27k speed and the ability, with the similarly modified old light cruisers and a new AA weaponry, to escort the Fleet.

(source: La Regia Marina e l’incrociatore antiaerei, E. Bagnasco, E. Cernuschi, “Storia Militare”).


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