Austria-Hungary’s Naval Building Projects 1914-1918 – Cruisers

Source Warship International, N°3, 1978, by Anthony Sokol. Check the second part, devoted to destroyers and minor vessels here,

This article covers these specific designs:

  • Pitzinger’s design;
  • Morin’s design;
  • Fiala’s design;
  • 1917 “Project VII” design
  • 1918 Pitzinger’s design

The four “Chinese cruisers” (two different classes, one large and three smaller units) to be built at “Cantiere Navale Triestino” shipyard. All were started, but the shipyard captured by the Italian Army at the beginning of the war, then taken again by the KuK army in 1917. KuK considered finishing the larger one under its flag, with a different design.

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