Nelson class as hybrid BB/CV, USN 1925 estimate

Nelon as Hybrid USN EstimateDuring the post Washington discussion about the best way to use the allowed tonnage, the idea of hybrid (BB or CV/CL + aircraft carrier) warship was actively discussed.

This sketch derives from a USN’s Office of Naval Intelligence report, stating the the then building HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney would had been hybrid designs, with an after flying deck.

This specific sketch is from the US Naval war college dated 1 May 1925. It is an estimate by the Bureau of Construction and Repair of what the British carrier-battleship would look like.

The armament was 9 406 mm, (3*3) and 16 203 mm (8*2), plus 12 100mm. AA.

A 74 m. flight deck and the underlying hangar would provide facilities for 15 aircrafts.

Belt armor was 190mm.

This peculiar and unpractical design in not to be seen as a never were, but as pure speculation. As reports about the real specs of the two British BBs came out, the design was quickly forgotten.

(Source: The USN Flight deck cruiser, by Alan D. Zimm, Warship International, N°3, 1979)


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