RN Zara 1/100 Model




This 1/100 Model of the heavy cruiser RN Zara is preserved at Museo Storico Navale di Venezia. Full info on this warship here.HPIM0831 HPIM0830 HPIM0829 HPIM0828 HPIM0827 HPIM0826 HPIM0832


5 thoughts on “RN Zara 1/100 Model

  1. Hi Stefano,

    Would you happen to have any information on the design process of the Zara class? I heard that the original design had a 200mm belt, two triple torpedo launchers and was 4,000t over the 10,000t limit but can’t seem to find where this comes from. I’ve only found passing mentions of this on Mussolini’s Navy and in Conway’s All Fighting Ships 1922-1946. Would you know of any other sources or details on the original Zara design or the design process with the evolving designs?

    Lucas Zocco

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