RN Zara 1/100 Model




This 1/100 Model of the heavy cruiser RN Zara is preserved at Museo Storico Navale di Venezia. Full info on this warship here.HPIM0831 HPIM0830 HPIM0829 HPIM0828 HPIM0827 HPIM0826 HPIM0832


10 thoughts on “RN Zara 1/100 Model

  1. Hi Stefano,

    Would you happen to have any information on the design process of the Zara class? I heard that the original design had a 200mm belt, two triple torpedo launchers and was 4,000t over the 10,000t limit but can’t seem to find where this comes from. I’ve only found passing mentions of this on Mussolini’s Navy and in Conway’s All Fighting Ships 1922-1946. Would you know of any other sources or details on the original Zara design or the design process with the evolving designs?

    Lucas Zocco

  2. Hey Stefano,

    Would you also happen to have any information on the Ansaldo project for Russia heavy cruiser? I’ve got the info on it from Stalin’s Ocean-going Fleet but was wondering if you knew of other sources that talked about it’s almost only a passing mention in the book.


  3. Hi Lucas, yes I have further info about the design of cruisers (at least 4 of them) for the Soviet Union. They will be included in a book, in English language, expected to be out before the end of the year.

  4. Could I enquire a bit more about the contents and topics covered with the book? If it’s the kind of book that covers the design process of Italian warships (Cruisers and Battleships in particular) and how it evolved from 1910-1945 I’d very much like to own a copy of it. There’s a serious lack of information about Italian design procedures or how ships came from the specifications defined for a project to the ship that was built, in the English language. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and think a book from you would be great.

    Best of luck with it!

  5. Well the process is covered in detail for the Littorio class (not a replica of what already described in the De Toro excellent monographs), but it is not the main topic of the book. The book describes, via original archives previously unknown, the design process of the conversion of RN Impero in a fleet carrier. An in depth analysis of the relationships between RM and RA is included, as well as the various aircraft carrier proposals over the time. The efficiency of Pugliese system at war and a comparison with other system is also assessed. There are a couple of very interesting topics I am not allowed to discuss yet.

  6. well, there are not so many info about the design development. Here is what I gathered (without having to go to the archives): Admiral Bernotti proposed from the beginning a 15.000 tons. unit but this was rejected being in contest with the treatries. The Authors of the design were the Generals (NC) Bonfiglietti and Vian, who presented the N.T. 8ter design in 1927. With respect to the RN Bolzano, the hull was shorted, the axis reduced to 2 as well as the boilers (albeit more powerful). The forecastle deck went up to the first stern turret. This design was approved il 1927, and the final specs were for units armed with 8 or 6 203 mm guns (a third additional 6/203 cruiser were to be built for every 2), a vertical protection of 200 mm and a strong horizontal one, an operational speed of 32 k and a very good internal division. The final design raised near the 12.000 tons, and reduced the vertical protection to 150mm. The displacement was contained with the adoption of a shorter forecastle.

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