5 thoughts on “Royal Swedish Navy never were, 1921-1939

  1. That Ornen light carrier (or aircraft cruiser) I wonder what that would be?
    I doubt it have connection with the immediate post war light carrier design still….

  2. It’s an interesting article and a nice summary of some of the more interesting projects.

    But I would very much like to know Mr. Hallenius’ sources for the names he used for some of the ships. Freja, Svensksund, Bärsärk, and Viking are names I’ve never seen used about these ships in any other source, and given the Swedish Navy name convention of the time they are not very plausible. E.g. the 1939 coastal defence ships would most certainly have been named Tre Kronor and Göta Lejon like the later cruisers that were built instead, not Viking which is a name with almost no tradition within the Swedish Navy.

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