Austria-Hungary’s building projects 1914-1918 Part II

This article, by Anthony Sokol, deals with destroyers and motor torpedo boats (Warship International, N°4, 1982). Check the very complete first part of this work devoted to cruisers here).

varie_20151110_0001 varie_20151110_0002 varie_20151110_0003 varie_20151110_0004 varie_20151110_0005 varie_20151110_0006 varie_20151110_0007 varie_20151110_0008 varie_20151110_0009 varie_20151110_0010 varie_20151110_0011 varie_20151110_0012 varie_20151110_0013 varie_20151110_0014 varie_20151110_0015 varie_20151110_0016 varie_20151110_0017 varie_20151110_0018

4 thoughts on “Austria-Hungary’s building projects 1914-1918 Part II

  1. It’s a shame they did not written any dimensions for the 500 and 1000ton torpedo boats (that 1000ton one is more like a destroyer with the same displacement as the Tátra class and same armament as the improved Tátra design or Ersatz Tátra)

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