Battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy – Part 5

This article by Edward C. Fisher was published in Warship International, Summer 1969.

An article will follow on the plans for the Imperial Russian Navy drawn by Ansaldo as answer to the Russia’s bid.

Warship_International,_Summer_1969 35 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 36 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 37 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 38 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 39 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 40 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 41 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 42 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 43 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 44 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 45 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 46 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 47 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 48 Warship_International,_Summer_1969 49.



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