IJN “B65” or “Super-A” Battlecruiser

Source: Warship International, Winter 1969, Author: Hajime Fukaya.Warship_International_1969-1_Winter 49 Warship_International_1969-1_Winter



4 thoughts on “IJN “B65” or “Super-A” Battlecruiser

  1. I wonder…. Mr Fukaya does not mention the 2 quad 61cm torpedo tubes in his article, maybe it was present in the original design but later removed when the main gun armament changed to 3 twin 36cm cannons after more precise data was acquired on the Alaskas?

  2. Complimenti per il bellissimo blog! nell’articolo a fondo pagina si fa riferimento a un disegno della variante evoluta con 6 pezzi da 360, mi chiedevo se non fosse possibile pubblicarlo (se chiaramente è in suo possesso). Mi chiedevo anche se non avesse modo di pubblicare del materiale sui confusi programmi del “dopo Yamato”, le varie Yamato evolute, A-150 con gli annessi progetti preliminari, le fantomatiche super duper Yamato con 8 pezzi da 510. Sarebbe estremamente interessante

  3. Grazie Alessandro. Unfortunately, I never saw a line drawing for that version. As for the Yamato follow ons, the only version really credited to be corresponding to a real design is the one armed with three double 510mm guns (A-150). Never saw an official drawing for these, anyway.

  4. Sorry Tzoli, no info on this, but a couple of book in Japanese I own (Uncompleted ship files and Uncompleted fleet plan) both do not mention TT.

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