SMS Blücher

This article by Paul Schmalenbach is from Warship International, #2, 1971Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_056 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_057 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_058 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_059 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_060 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_061 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_062 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_063 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_064 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_065 Warship_International_No.2_1971_Pagina_066


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