Greek capital ships

Article from Warship International, 1971 #3.

Warship_International_1971_No Warship_International_1971_No2


2 thoughts on “Greek capital ships

  1. Regarding Salamis I think the following documents from the Venizelos foundation archives in Athens may be of some interest as I’ve never seen them published online before.

    They are D’Eyncourt’s reports (in English) to the Greek government for the reconstruction and completion of Salamis in 1929.

    First document is his report on the actual Vulcan proposals:

    Second document produced about 10 days earlier contains his comments on the Greek Naval Staff technical section minimum proposed changes to the design which Vulcan’s proposals actually exceeded.

    Overall they’d result to a ship roughly comparable to reconstructed Dorias (27 knots max speed, up to 5in in deck armor)

    The cost to complete the ship was estimated to be about 3.25 million pounds with another 250,000 for munitions and 300,000 to construct a floating drydock in the Salamis arsenal (or more likely I think as Skaramanga where it was planned to set up the navy’s yard to build destroyers locally). This would be financed by assigning Vulcan 3 years of the German war reparations to Greece, plus part of the fourth year for the drydock and munitions.

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