OTO’s 1942 AS 450 Destroyer Escort project -II

This 1942 project was drawn by Cantieri Odero Terni Orlando (OTO), Lenghorn. As addendum to the previous article, more pictures of the model and sections of the ship, as well as a project for a conversion to a civil ship from the original work by Mario Donnini, Bollettino Ufficio Storico della Marina Militare, marzo 1995:

goffredo-sappino-1 goffredo-sappino rivista-marittima_20160915_0007 rivista-marittima_20160915_0008 rivista-marittima_20160915_0009 rivista-marittima_20160915_0010


4 thoughts on “OTO’s 1942 AS 450 Destroyer Escort project -II

  1. Hello, thanks for the additional pictures. I was wondering, is there any additional info, especially about the context of this project, in the article of the Bollettino compared to the one written by Bagnasco on Storia Militare?

  2. The article in Storia Militare is essentially a summery of the original article. I will check for additional info, is there something specific you are interest in?

  3. Sorry for the belated reply, I was especially interested in knowing whether the navy expressed any interest before the situation in North Africa precipitated. But if you say that it’s essentially a summary I suppose there’s not much about it, to my understanding the SM article was based only on the documentation of the project.

  4. Yes, Regia Marina ordered a study for a similar ship in 1937 and OTO presented a design, rejected as too costly at the time. I will make a post on this specific one (of course, other escort ships were actually built, like the Gabbiano class to escort duties, even if too late, having the convoys battle basically consumed most of the fleet destroyers).

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