Tosi destroyer escort project, 1937


In 1936 the Comitato Progetto Navi (the department in charge for new warships designs in the Regia Marina) was requested a study for an escort ship with anti-sub capabilities.

The unit, designed by Tosi shipyard at Taranto, was a well balanced ship, being the most critical points the presence of a seaplane (given the doubtful ability of Regia Aeronautica to actually escort convoys) and a light AA weaponry. The 120/50 mm were requested as DP in specifications, but the request was rejected from the Department in charge for the naval guns.


1300-1580 tons;

100 m. length at waterline;

9,75 m. max. width;


crew: 104;

3 120/50 in single mountings, 4 20/70, 6 tt 533mm in two triples, 4 deep charges launchers, 1 seaplane;

The design was discarded as too expensive and not suitable for mass production (40 units were foreseen). Soon after, the Regia Marina abandoned these studies and a project for a 300-400 tons submarine hunter derived from the Albatros class, relying instead, for the convoys’ defense, on fast armed merchant ships, armed trawlers, old torpedo boats and MAS.

(source: Le cannoniere antisommergibili per la Regia Marina, BAUSMM, marzo 1995)


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