VMF K-79 1/50 Model

Preserved at the Central naval museum Saint Petersburg. Full info on this class produzione-ansaldo-3 produzione-ansaldo-1 produzione-ansaldo-2 produzione-ansaldo.



4 thoughts on “VMF K-79 1/50 Model

  1. Hi, Steffsap. Regarding your “K-19” post there is an error. The model is a Project 629A diesel SSB (NATO ASCC codename “Golf”). Your last picture in your post also shows the information card clearly indicating as such and the boat in particular, K-79. K-19 was a nuclear powered Project 658 “Hotel” class SSBN, a much larger submarine.

  2. As I posted this there seemed to have been a correction or I’ve misread the title. If I’ve misread, I apologize for my post above.

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