1909 Ansaldo/Armstrong dreadnought proposal

This model is preserved at Fondazione Ansaldo, Genoa. Given the language used and the display case, it was probably designed for a South American Navy, or for the Armada.


Length 136m.

Length bpp 130m.

Max width 24.20m.

Draught normal load 8.2 m.

Displacement 16100 tons.

Speed at trials 19 nm

Four shafts

Range 5000 nm

8 305/50, 20 100/50

Main belt 230 mm

Upper belt 180-150-100

Barbetts 250 mm

Turrets 250mm front 150 rear

Horizontal center 22/19 Bow 25/20 Stern 38 Main deck 38/19(?)


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