Washington Cherrytrees 2.: The other side of the ‘pond’

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Warship Projects 1900-1950

Chapter One: before Jütland


In the first part we got insight into the development of the battleships and battlecruisers of the United States Navy during and after World War One, up the Naval Treaty of Washington.In this part we jump over to the other side of the Atlantic and have an in depth look at how the British Royal Navy, the then premier naval force did in the same time period. We will focus on the ADMIRAL (HOOD) class and the new generation ships designed at the beginning of the ’20s – that met their end with the Treaty.

Historical background

From the 1700s up until 1918 Great Britain and it’s Royal Navy was the unquestionable ruler of the seven seas and all three oceans. The Navy was the linchpin, the cohesive force that held the Empire together and acted as the first line of defence as well. It’s…

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