HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck, 1/100

This model is preserved at the Dutch Navy Museum in Den Helder. Some info on this ship's class here.  


HMS Leviathan (1901), 1/48 armoured cruiser

This demo model for foreign buyers of a Drake class is preserved at The Historic Dockyard, Chatam. Full info on this ship here.    

RM’s battle flags

Ragia Marina' battle flags preserved at the Sacrario delle Bandiere in Rome.

HMS Howe 1937, 1/96 model

Preserved at Riverside Museum Glasgow. Full info on this ship here.      

HMS Warrior 1860 armoured frigate

This ship is preserved at the National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth. Full info on this ship here.  

HMS Centurion (1892), 1/48 builder’s model.

This model is preserved at Discovery Museum Newcastle upon Tyne. Full info on this ship here  

HMS Dryad class gunboat original large scale model

Preserved at the Bulgarian Navy Museum in Varna, scale unknown.  

KM Deutschland pocket battleship, 1/100 Model

This model is preserved at Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven. Full info on this ship here.  

Imperial Russian Navy Sivuch 1906 gunboat, 1/48 model

This model is preserved at Central Naval museum in Saint Petersburg.

Garibaldi class armoured cruiser, 1/50 model

This model is preserved at Museo Tecnico Navale La Spezia. Full info on this class, who served in several Navies here.