ITN Reshadieh – HMS Erin plans

These drawings are from Warship International, Fall 1969. See here for the story of this battleship.

Battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy – Part 5

This article by Edward C. Fisher was published in Warship International, Summer 1969. An article will follow on the plans for the Imperial Russian Navy drawn by Ansaldo as answer to the Russia's bid. .  

Turkish battleships under construction in 1914

Andrew Smith's synthesis from Warship International, N° 3, 1978. Ships covered: Reshad V (later Reschadieh), Reschad-I-Hamiss, Sultan Osman Birindiehise (former Brazilian Rio de Janeiro), Fatieh or Sultan Mehmed Fatieh. Good pictures of HMS Erin and HMS Agincourt included.