Regia Marina’s naval coastal guns in WWII

This article is from Warship International,  N°2, 1989.

The Regia Marina, KuK and SMS submarine (UC-12, U.24, X1)

On March 16th, 1916 a huge explosion was heard and a tall water column seen just outside the Taranto harbor. It was obvious that an enemy submarine, an Austro-Hungarian one, had hit the harbor mine defenses. On further examination, it became evident a mine layer vessel became victim of one of its weapons, it was found … Continue reading The Regia Marina, KuK and SMS submarine (UC-12, U.24, X1)

KuK Donau monitors, 1/33 and 1/100 models

This models are preserved at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien. Full info on KuK Donau Monitors here. Here represented: KuK Maros 1:33 Kuk type XII 1:33 KuK Bosma 1:100 Kuk Temes 1:100

Austria-Hungary’s building projects 1914-1918 Part II

This article, by Anthony Sokol, deals with destroyers and motor torpedo boats (Warship International, N°4, 1982). Check the very complete first part of this work devoted to cruisers here).