St. Nazaire U boat docks

Full info on this site here.  


Regia Marina’s night firing policies and training – II

Between July and September 1941 some delegations of the Regia Marina travelled to Germany to examine in depth the German dispositions and equipments for the night combat. Here is a synthesis of the assessed points: night fleet formation: heavy units shielded at a distance by smaller units and, if available, by a second line at … Continue reading Regia Marina’s night firing policies and training – II

KM Deutschland pocket battleship, 1/100 Model

This model is preserved at Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven. Full info on this ship here.  

Battlefleets and diplomacy

Naval disarmament between the two world wars. This article by Arthur Davidson Baker III is from Warship International, N° 3, 1989. reading Battlefleets and diplomacy

Seehund and Neger

This vessels are preserved at Musée de la Marine, Port-Louis, France. Full info about this classes here and here.  

The Bismarck’s final battle

This article by William H. Garzke, Jr and Robert O. Dulin, Jr. is from Warship International, #2, 1994  

KM Bismarck, 1/100 model

This model is preserved at Deutsche Marinemuseum Wilhelmshaven. Full info on this battleship here.