Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

At he beginning of XX Century there was an intense race between the different navies is order to secure new markets with the South American countries. Here sone designs presente by Italian firms. Battleship Ansaldo to be built at Cartagena (1907)   1908 BB design by Cuniberti (22,000 ton, 12/305 in triples, 21,25 … Continue reading Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

The Sovetskii Soiuz class Battleships

These article by V. Iu. Gribovskii is from Warship International, 1993, #2 (originally from Sudostroenie 7, 1990)  

KuK late WWI capital ship designs.

Source Warship International, N°4, 1992, by Erwin Sieche. A complete essay is here:  

RN Francesco Caracciolo 1919 design

The RN Francesco Caracciolo was to only Italian WWI super dreadnought to be launched on 12 May  1915 at Castellamare di Stabia. The original project called for a 35,000 tons BB, a speed of 28 knots, 12/381 in triples and 20 152 mm in casemates: at any affect, the first fast battleship. The projects were … Continue reading RN Francesco Caracciolo 1919 design

The Borodino/Izmail class battlecruisers

This article is from WI #4, 1991.      

The Kronshtadt class Battlecruisers

This article by V. Iu. Uso is from Warship International #4,1991. Originally published in Sudostroenie, 1989, #11. Added Steve MacLaughin considerations, including the Stalingrad class (model preserved in Saint Petersburg is here):  

HMS Dryad class gunboat original large scale model

Preserved at the Bulgarian Navy Museum in Varna, scale unknown.  

HMS Hood post WWII refit, 1/400 what if

This model is a 1/400 Heller Hood, updated KGV style as in some of the refit hypothesis.

SMS Szent István – Hungaria’s only and ill-fated dreadnought

This essay by E.F. Sieche is from Warship International °2, 1991