HMS Dryad class gunboat original large scale model

Preserved at the Bulgarian Navy Museum in Varna, scale unknown.  


HMS Hood post WWII refit, 1/400 what if

This model is a 1/400 Heller Hood, updated KGV style as in some of the refit hypothesis.

SMS Szent István – Hungaria’s only and ill-fated dreadnought

This essay by E.F. Sieche is from Warship International °2, 1991  

Ferretti’s 10/381 in quintuples battleship design

Unfortunately there is not so much known about this design. The original drawing comes from"Warships of the first line of battle" in the "Transactions of the International Engineering Congress" acta, 1916, while the second design seems a fantasy adaption of the first in line with the semisubmersible battleship plans by Soliani. Armed with 10/381, 12 … Continue reading Ferretti’s 10/381 in quintuples battleship design

Galata Museo del Mare – Genova

Just a glimpse to the contents of this great naval museum, bot civil and military: models, simulations, preserved ships.  

Comandanti medaglie d’oro destroyers 1942-43

This article by Erminio Bagnasco and Mark Grossman is from Warship International #3, 1990. Even is not updated to the latest news, it is one of the best reference for these interesting units.    

The Allied assault on Aquila: Operation Toast

Following the article about the "sinking" of RN Aquila, another point of view: Operation Toast. Warship International, #2, 1990.  

The “sinking” of the CV RN Aquila: a controversial question.

Spoiler: no, she was not sunk as block ship by the Germans, bombed by the Allies, sabotaged by the partisans, sunk by Italian manned chariots. Article from Warship International, 1990, #1 by Achille Rastrelli and Emilio Bagnasco  

MN Béarn, 1/100

This model is preserved at Musée national de la Marine, Paris. Full info on this ship here.