The Allied assault on Aquila: Operation Toast

Following the article about the "sinking" of RN Aquila, another point of view: Operation Toast. Warship International, #2, 1990.  

The “sinking” of the CV RN Aquila: a controversial question.

Spoiler: no, she was not sunk as block ship by the Germans, bombed by the Allies, sabotaged by the partisans, sunk by Italian manned chariots. Article from Warship International, 1990, #1 by Achille Rastrelli and Emilio Bagnasco  

MN Béarn, 1/100

This model is preserved at Musée national de la Marine, Paris. Full info on this ship here.

British Vickers dreadnought designs for the Royal Netherlands Navy around 1912

Article by Ron van Maanen; drawings by Ron and Alexander van Maanen. In the first quarter of the 20th Century was the Royal Netherlands interested in acquiring heavier artillery ships especially for the defence of the Dutch East Indies. The largest built before the First World War was the Hr.Ms. De Zeven Provinciën at the … Continue reading British Vickers dreadnought designs for the Royal Netherlands Navy around 1912

Ansaldo’s “cannonissimo” Genoa Gulf defended with long range guns. During the First World War, Germany had surprised the Allies with the 3 "Die Grosse Bertha", 210/90 guns with a 100 km range, plus another 240 mm piece. The pieces were originally 380/45, properly recalibrated. In 1917, Ansaldo began making proposals for the defense of the Gulf … Continue reading Ansaldo’s “cannonissimo”

The Drawingboard Battleships for the Royal Netherlands Navy III

This article by Anthony van Dijk is from Warship International, N°4, 1989.  

1909 Ansaldo/Armstrong dreadnought proposal

This model is preserved at Fondazione Ansaldo, Genoa. Given the language used and the display case, it was probably designed for a South American Navy, or for the Armada. Specs: Length 136m. Length bpp 130m. Max width 24.20m. Draught normal load 8.2 m. Displacement 16100 tons. Speed at trials 19 nm Four shafts Range 5000 … Continue reading 1909 Ansaldo/Armstrong dreadnought proposal

Battlefleets and diplomacy

Naval disarmament between the two world wars. This article by Arthur Davidson Baker III is from Warship International, N° 3, 1989. reading Battlefleets and diplomacy