MN Béarn, 1/100

This model is preserved at Musée national de la Marine, Paris. Full info on this ship here.

Battlefleets and diplomacy

Naval disarmament between the two world wars. This article by Arthur Davidson Baker III is from Warship International, N° 3, 1989. reading Battlefleets and diplomacy

MN “Croiseur de Combat”, 1924-25

Article by Stephen McLaughlin from Warship International, #2, 1994.    

MN Alsace, Gascogne, Clemenceau battleships – add-on

Following the article by Stephen McLaughlin, further preliminary for this class of French battleships, courtesy of 1Big Rich, owner of the very good "The warship discussion forum" board. Additionally, pictures of my own 1/400 conversion from a Heller MN Richelieu to MN Gascogne. My rendition of MN Gascogne (conversion using as much as part of … Continue reading MN Alsace, Gascogne, Clemenceau battleships – add-on

The Normandie class battleships with quadruple turrets

This article by Henry Le Masson is from Warship International, N°4, 1984. You may want to check the specs for this class against the three sets of projects made by General (Naval Corps) Ferrati for the Regia Marina.