The Sovetskii Soiuz class Battleships

These article by V. Iu. Gribovskii is from Warship International, 1993, #2 (originally from Sudostroenie 7, 1990)  

The Kronshtadt class Battlecruisers

This article by V. Iu. Uso is from Warship International #4,1991. Originally published in Sudostroenie, 1989, #11. Added Steve MacLaughin considerations, including the Stalingrad class (model preserved in Saint Petersburg is here):  

Ne Tron Menja (Не тронь меня) – a mystery to be solved

This strange AA platform used by the Soviets during WWII is, as far as I know, still a small mystery in naval history. In this article from Warships International #2, 1986, by Rene Greger a detailed description of what is known is given, but the proposed answer is, with any evidence, wrong. The Ansaldo UP41 … Continue reading Ne Tron Menja (Не тронь меня) – a mystery to be solved

Soviet Battleships, part 2

These article by Rolf Eriksson is from Warship International, 1974 #2

VMF “Stalingrad” Battlecruiser 1/100 Model

Preserved at Central Naval Museum in Saint Petersburg. Full info about this never completed class of warships here.