Galata Museo del Mare – Genova

Just a glimpse to the contents of this great naval museum, bot civil and military: models, simulations, preserved ships.  


HMS Ocelot

This submarine is preserved at The Historic Dockyard, Chatam. Full info on this ship here.    

HMS Turbinia

This ship is preserved at Discovery Museum Newcastle upon Tyne. Full info here.  

Seehund and Neger

This vessels are preserved at Musée de la Marine, Port-Louis, France. Full info about this classes here and here.  

Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken later Mercuur This article is by dr. Ron van Maanen; Picture and drawings by him and his son Alexander. Please visit their interesting blog! Dutch ocean going minesweeper Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken (1952-1970) and torpedo work ship Mercuur (A856) 1970-1987 Laid down at the shipyard of the Peterson Builders Incorporation, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA on 19 February 1952, … Continue reading Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken later Mercuur

MAS 15

The original MAS 15,  that sunk KuK Szent Istvan, is preserved at the Sacrario delle Bandiere in Rome. Ful info on this attack crafts here.

Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC-Maiale) and transport tank

This craft is preserved at Museo storico navale in Venice. Full info on this ship here (the Wiki's English language page is useless: link in Italian, please translate it with Chrome).