Ansaldo’s “cannonissimo” Genoa Gulf defended with long range guns. During the First World War, Germany had surprised the Allies with the 3 "Die Grosse Bertha", 210/90 guns with a 100 km range, plus another 240 mm piece. The pieces were originally 380/45, properly recalibrated. In 1917, Ansaldo began making proposals for the defense of the Gulf … Continue reading Ansaldo’s “cannonissimo”

Battlefleets and diplomacy

Naval disarmament between the two world wars. This article by Arthur Davidson Baker III is from Warship International, N° 3, 1989. reading Battlefleets and diplomacy

Regia Marina’s naval coastal guns in WWII

This article is from Warship International,  N°2, 1989.

General Ferrati’s 1915 battleship designs “F” and “F'”

General   (naval engineers) Ferrati, based at La Spezia arsenal, was the designer of the first fast battleship class, the four RN Caracciolo. At the USMM (Italian Navy Historic Office) are stored a set of 9 follows on, in three groups, F, D and G, all based on quadruples 381 turrets. These project can be … Continue reading General Ferrati’s 1915 battleship designs “F” and “F'”