Spanish civil war and RM’s “secret” sub war

This article by Willard C. Frank Jr is from Warship International, #1, 1989.  

HNLMS Van Galen, 1/70 model

This model is preserved at the Dutch Navy Museum in Den Helder. Reference info on this class here.  

The Drawingboard Battleships for the Royal Netherlands Navy

This article by Anthony van Dijk is from Warship International, N°4, 1988.  

Seehund and Neger

This vessels are preserved at Musée de la Marine, Port-Louis, France. Full info about this classes here and here.  

The Bismarck’s final battle

This article by William H. Garzke, Jr and Robert O. Dulin, Jr. is from Warship International, #2, 1994  

HMS S Class destroyer, 1918 This model, probably a 1/48 one, is preserved at London Science Museum. Full info on this warship here. Unable to identify the specific ship.      

Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken later Mercuur This article is by dr. Ron van Maanen; Picture and drawings by him and his son Alexander. Please visit their interesting blog! Dutch ocean going minesweeper Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken (1952-1970) and torpedo work ship Mercuur (A856) 1970-1987 Laid down at the shipyard of the Peterson Builders Incorporation, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA on 19 February 1952, … Continue reading Hr. Ms. Onverschrokken later Mercuur

Garibaldi class armoured cruiser, large scale model

This model, possibly a 1/100 builder's model, is preserved at the Italian Navy Academy, Leghorn. Pictures by Giampiero Galeotti, Regia Marina MAS owner and Virginio Trucco. Full info on this class, who served in several Navies here.

MN “Croiseur de Combat”, 1924-25

Article by Stephen McLaughlin from Warship International, #2, 1994.