Interested in knowing more about me? Well here are some info: I am 56 yo now, at least according to the official records. Nonetheless, I like reading, traveling, playing, and all the other things younger people like :). Used to play tennis, skiing, and biking, and still do.

My interests range from history, physics and cosmology, logic and epistemology, biology as far as the mind is interested, a little bit of economy. Naval history is a long lived interest, (I was 10 yo when it started) as well as warship modeling.

Almost forgot. I am mechanical engineer (MD), but when young and inexperienced I was taken by the dark side of the ICT industry. My incredibly boring professional résumé is here.

Who is the guy in the picture, then? He is my Grandfather and no, no connection with Regia Marina.

2 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. Just when I thought I had found all interesting proposed warship designs I stumble upon this site. Fantastic! Keep up the great work!!

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