2017 stats

I would like to thank you all who granted attention to the B&K blog.

2017 number are satisfying:


2016: 13978

2017: 18866 (+34,96%)

Visualized pages:

2016: 64154

2017: 75522 (+17,92%)

Thanks to all the friend and colleagues all around the world who helped in building and spreading the site, too.

This is a good moment to announce the publishing of a new naval book, presenting brand new info on the RM plans in WWII. The title is, up to now, “Aircraft Carrier Impero –  The Axis Powers’ V-1 Carrying Capital Ship“. You will not disappointed.

Most viewed 2017 articles:

Most visting 2017 countries:

I am of course open to any suggestion/cooperation development idea.
TY again.

5 thoughts on “2017 stats

  1. Excellent work Stefano! I can’t wait for the book to come out!! Been waiting months for it and it will be great, especially since I’m researching Italian aircraft carriers now. Happy new year!

  2. Please forgive my rudeness,but is this book a fictional one or a study based on historical document? In 1943 or later the axis had a very poor situation in Mediterranean, do they really have a serious plan to modify Impero to a V-1 launch base?
    And happy new year, hope your book a great success!

  3. Of course it is based on precise, detailed historical documents not available up to now. And the timeframe is from 1941 to 1943. Of special interest is the story of the jet powered weapons. Happy year to you! (BTW, never been interested into fictional history)

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