Regia Marina’s night firing policies and training.

It is very common to read that the Regia Marina was not trained nor had a doctrine for night fighting, with even grotesque sentences like Arrigo Petacco's one, who wrote that the heavy cruisers at Matapan had not only the 203 turrets longitudinally trained (as normal in the absence of enemy sighting) and, absurdly,  with the … Continue reading Regia Marina’s night firing policies and training.


The evolution of Battleship Gunnery in the US Navy, 1920-1945

This essay by W.J. Jurens id from Warship International, #3, 1991.

HMS Dryad class gunboat original large scale model

Preserved at the Bulgarian Navy Museum in Varna, scale unknown.  

Decima Flotilla Decimated

This article by J. Caruana is from Warship International #2, 1991.  

HMS Hood post WWII refit, 1/400 what if

This model is a 1/400 Heller Hood, updated KGV style as in some of the refit hypothesis.

SMS Szent István – Hungaria’s only and ill-fated dreadnought

This essay by E.F. Sieche is from Warship International °2, 1991  

KM Deutschland pocket battleship, 1/100 Model

This model is preserved at Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum Bremerhaven. Full info on this ship here.  

MN Algérie: plans & pictures

This article is from warship international, #1, 1991

Imperial Russian Navy Sivuch 1906 gunboat, 1/48 model

This model is preserved at Central Naval museum in Saint Petersburg.

Regia Marina WWII pictures.

These pictures were published on Warship International #2, 1990. Originals by Luigi Maggi and Ubaldo Angelini. RN Zeno at La Spezia, April 18th, 1943 R. CT Freccia and R.CT Saetta (right) 4th and 7th Cruiser division, October 9th, 1940 RN Zeno at Taranto, in the floating basin, probably 1940 or 1941. … Continue reading Regia Marina WWII pictures.