Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

At he beginning of XX Century there was an intense race between the different navies is order to secure new markets with the South American countries. Here sone designs presente by Italian firms. Battleship Ansaldo to be built at Cartagena (1907)   1908 BB design by Cuniberti (22,000 ton, 12/305 in triples, 21,25 … Continue reading Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

Loss of the HMS Glorious

Very good article on this topic, WI #1, 1994. Strangely just a note explain why the Glorious was authorised to sail alone given the disciplinary situation onboard.

RN Grecale, 1/100

RN Grecale, preserved at Museo della Marina La Spezia. Beware: this specific configurations seems to be a mix of different layouts of the ship during her service.

Mediterranean 1941-1943

Picture taken by Nicola Siracusano, Warship International, #4, 1993. RN Corazziere and RN Grecale in Taranto dry dock, January 1942. RN Corazziere lot the bow in a collision with RN Granatiere; RN Grecale shows some damage in the night encounter with British forse in the night  of November, 9th, 1941 Photos taken from … Continue reading Mediterranean 1941-1943

2017 stats

I would like to thank you all who granted attention to the B&K blog. 2017 number are satisfying: Visitors 2016: 13978 2017: 18866 (+34,96%) Visualized pages: 2016: 64154 2017: 75522 (+17,92%) Thanks to all the friend and colleagues all around the world who helped in building and spreading the site, too. This is a good … Continue reading 2017 stats

The Sovetskii Soiuz class Battleships

These article by V. Iu. Gribovskii is from Warship International, 1993, #2 (originally from Sudostroenie 7, 1990)  

KuK late WWI capital ship designs.

Source Warship International, N°4, 1992, by Erwin Sieche. A complete essay is here:  

MN Fourque, 1/30 destroyer

This model is preserved at Musée national de la Marine, Toulon. Full info on this ship here.

The first light cruisers of the 1922 program – The minelaying cruiser Pluton, part II

This comprehensive essay by Jean Guiglini and Albert Moreau is from Warship International, #3, 1992. Pluton operational life and loss.