The Allied assault on Aquila: Operation Toast

Following the article about the "sinking" of RN Aquila, another point of view: Operation Toast. Warship International, #2, 1990.  

The “sinking” of the CV RN Aquila: a controversial question.

Spoiler: no, she was not sunk as block ship by the Germans, bombed by the Allies, sabotaged by the partisans, sunk by Italian manned chariots. Article from Warship International, 1990, #1 by Achille Rastrelli and Emilio Bagnasco  

RM WWII pictures – courtesy Massimiliano Nebuloni

These pictures were taken by Adriano Nebuloni during WWII, and constitutes a direct witness of everyday life onboard a RM's ship. Some of them are of great interest for the naval enthiusiasts. Stern RN Littorio turret. RN Sibilla in the Adriatic Sea 1942 Pola RN Sibilla Adriano Nebuloni in service reading RM WWII pictures – courtesy Massimiliano Nebuloni

Battlefleets and diplomacy

Naval disarmament between the two world wars. This article by Arthur Davidson Baker III is from Warship International, N° 3, 1989. reading Battlefleets and diplomacy

RN Roma 1/200 model

The model, possibly a 1/200 one, is preserved in Palazzo della Marina, Italian Navy's headquarter in Rome. Full info on this ship here.  

Regia Marina’s naval coastal guns in WWII

This article is from Warship International,  N°2, 1989.

Spanish civil war and RM’s “secret” sub war

This article by Willard C. Frank Jr is from Warship International, #1, 1989.  

Garibaldi class armoured cruiser, large scale model

This model, possibly a 1/100 builder's model, is preserved at the Italian Navy Academy, Leghorn. Pictures by Giampiero Galeotti, Regia Marina MAS owner and Virginio Trucco. Full info on this class, who served in several Navies here.

MAS 15

The original MAS 15,  that sunk KuK Szent Istvan, is preserved at the Sacrario delle Bandiere in Rome. Ful info on this attack crafts here.

Admiral Cavagnari vs. Mussolini

One of the most frequent lies told in the history of the dramatic months that preceded the Italian entry into WWII is that Mussolini was not aware of the situation of military preparedness and that the military Chiefs hid the information or, worse, that they were incompetent and not able to evaluate the situation; this … Continue reading Admiral Cavagnari vs. Mussolini