Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

At he beginning of XX Century there was an intense race between the different navies is order to secure new markets with the South American countries. Here sone designs presente by Italian firms.


Battleship Ansaldo to be built at Cartagena (1907)



1908 BB design by Cuniberti (22,000 ton, 12/305 in triples, 21,25 K.)H552bR287MH4hbeMR0eY67Y3.jpg


Ansaldo 1907 design fo Spain1907 Ansaldo’s project.


2 thoughts on “Battleships design for Spain 1907-1908

  1. So the first 2 battleship designs are marked as being for Spain, but the 3rd one is marked as being for Russia. Did any of the Italian shipyards submit designs for the Rivadavia class of Argentina?

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