1/200 KuK “Ersatz Monarch” section original plans

These are the plans for the last class of the Austro-Hungarian navy, the “Ersatz Monarch” (Monarch class replacement). Full specs for the class are here.

This specific layout is from original Pitzinger’s 1914 drawing, and accounts for these main specs:

overall length: 175,00 m.

24500 t.

10/350-45, 14/150-50, 20/90 (12 AA), 2/47-44 rapid fire, 2/8mm

TT 6 530mm, 1 bow, 1 stern, four broadside.

Source: Warship International, No. 1 1973, special Austro-Hungarian Battlehips, by R.F. Scheltema  de Heere.

varie_20151015_0001 varie_20151015_0002 varie_20151015_0003 varie_20151015_0004 varie_20151015_0005 varie_20151015_0006


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