DD “Comandanti Medaglie d’oro” – second and third series

CT Comandanti Medaglie d'oro seconda serie

The need for a new class of destroyers, well armed and with good seagoing capabilities was clear since 1934, when the “Super Maestrale” class was designed, as requested by Admiral Cavagnari.

The specs for this class were; 2100 t,, 6 120/50 3TT 533mm, 35k.

In 1936, for the same class, a different layout was proposed, with five single mounted 120/50. This project, anyway, was delayed for the urgent need for new destroyers to escort the brand new “Vittorio Veneto” class battleships: the “Soldati” class (a slight better “Oriani” class repetition) was so ordered.

Only in 1942 the new project was authorized, now armed with the new, very successful 135/45 gun, in single mountings. Provision was made for 24 units, with an average building time of 14-12 months.

During 1943, further modifications were made, with a total of three different series, with 8 units each (the latter then reduced to four units).

The specs for the second series were: 5 135/45 in singles, 2 quadruple 37mm Breda, 2 or 3 quadruple 20mm, 6TT 533mm,  AS depth charges, Gufo radar, 60000 HP, 34k, 3300nm at 20k.

The third series was going to have 4 boilers and two funnels, with a better damage resiliance.

Source: “Le navi che non combatterono (1939-1945), E. Martino, A. Nani, Rivista Marittima March 2001 supplement”


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