General Ferrati’s 1915 battleship designs “F” and “F'”

Copy of (F)General   (naval engineers) Ferrati, based at La Spezia arsenal, was the designer of the first fast battleship class, the four RN Caracciolo. At the USMM (Italian Navy Historic Office) are stored a set of 9 follows on, in three groups, F, D and G, all based on quadruples 381 turrets.

These project can be seen as responses to the current French naval designs (Normandie, Lyon, Gille, Durand A and B).

Check the D designs here and G designs here.

Copy of (F') (1)

The F group is the lighter one, based on two quadruples 381 towers.  F and F’ differed only in speed:

Design F:

27300t, 200m length, 8 381/40 (2*4), 16 170/50 (8*2), 24 102/50, 8 533mm TT, 55000/75000 HP for a 25/27k, armor 270 mm for 2/3 of the ship length, and a reduced height up to the bow and the first rudder.

Design F’:

31300t, 210m, 95000/115000 HP for 29/31k, identical to F design for the rest.

(Source: Bollettino d’Archivio, Dic. 1988, A Rastrelli)


5 thoughts on “General Ferrati’s 1915 battleship designs “F” and “F'”

  1. Well, from the drawing you can measure a forward freeboard near to 5 m. HMS Hood had a forward freeboard of 11 feet 3 inches (3.43 m) compared to 19 feet 6 inches (5.94 m) of other RN ships.

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